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Cerita Sangkuriang Versi Inggris

In antiquity, in West Java there
lived a princess named Dayang
Sumbi. He has a son named
Sangkuriang. The child was very
fond of hunting in the woods.
Each hunt, he was always
accompanied by her beloved dog
named Tumang. Tumang is
actually the incarnation of the
god, and also the biological
father Sangkuriang, but
Sangkuriang not know about it
and his mother was deliberately
concealing it.
One day, as usual Sangkuriang
go into the woods to hunt. Once
when he got in the woods,
Sangkuriang start looking for
prey. He saw a bird that was
perched on the branch, then
without thinking Sangkuriang
shot, and right on target.
Sangkuriang then ruled earlier
Tumang to chase prey, but the
Tumang silent and refused to
follow orders Sangkuriang.
Because very annoyed at
Tumang, then Sangkuriang and
drove Tumang and not allowed
to go home with him again.
At home, Sangkuriang told the
incident to her mother. Upon
hearing the story of her son,
Dayang Sumbi very angry. She
took a spoon of rice, and struck
to the head Sangkuriang.
Because his mother was
disappointed with the treatment,
then Sangkuriang decided to go
wandering, and left home.
After the incident, Dayang Sumbi
very sorry for his actions. He
prayed every day, and ask for a
day to meet with him again.
Because of the seriousness of
Dayang Sumbi prayer, then God
gave him a gift of eternal beauty
and youth forever.
After many years Sangkuriang
wandering, he eventually intends
to return to his hometown. When
Igot there, he was very
surprised at all, because his
hometown had changed
completely. Sangkuriang pleasure
is increased when the time in the
middle of the road met a very
beautiful woman, who is none
other than Dayang Sumbi.
Because fascinated with the
beauty of the woman, then direct
Sangkuriang proposed. Finally an
application is received by Dayang
Sumbi Sangkuriang, and agreed
to be married in the near future.
One day, his future wife
Sangkuriang requested
permission to hunt on health
consultants. Before leaving, he
asked Dayang Sumbi to tighten
belts and trim kapalanya. Dayang
Sumbi surprise, because when
she was tidying Sangkuriang
headband, he saw a scar. The
scar is similar to scar her child.
After asking about the cause of
the wound it Sangkuriang,
Dayang Sumbi increases might
expect to see, because it is true
that the prospective husband is
her own child.
Dayang Sumbi very distraught,
because he can not be married
to her own child. After
Sangkuriang home hunting,
Dayang Sumbi trying to speak to
Sangkuriang, so Sangkuriang
cancel their wedding plans.
Dayang request is not approved
Sumbi Sangkuriang, and only
considered wind alone.
Every day Dayang Sumbi thinking
about how for their marriage
never happened. After thinking
hard, Dayang Sumbi finally found
the best way. He applied two
conditions to Sangkuriang. If
Sangkuriang to satisfy these two
conditions, the Dayang Sumbi
want to be a wife, but otherwise
if it fails then the wedding will be
canceled. The first requirement
Dayang Sumbi wants Citarum
river dammed. And the second is,
ask Sangkuriang to make a very
big boat to cross rivers. The two
conditions that must be settled
before dawn.
Sangkuriang undertakes both
demand Sumbi Dayang, and
pledged to finish before dawn.
With the magic he has,
Sangkuriang then mobilize his
friends from the jinn to help
complete the task. Secretly,
Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang peek
of the work. How shocked he
was, because Sangkuriang
almost all the terms given
menyelesaiklan Dayang Sumbi
before dawn.
Dayang Sumbi then ask for help
communities to roll out a red silk
cloth to the east of the city. When
I saw the color red in the east of
the city, Sangkuriang thought
that it was already early morning.
Sangkuriang immediately stop
work and felt unable to meet the
requirements that have been
proposed by Dayang Sumbi.
With a sense of annoyance and
disappointment, Sangkuriang
then break down the dam which
he had built himself. Because
jebolnya dam, then there was a
flood and the whole city under
water. Sangkuriang also kicked a
big boat that has been made.
Canoes that floated and fell face
down, then became a mountain
named Tangkuban Perahu.

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